Approval Process

The Farm in Poway Specific Plan was approved by a unanimous vote of the City Council on June 16, 2020, and it was then placed on the ballot as Measure P for final approval by Poway voters. But it took a lot of effort to get here. The project has been through a rigorous and transparent approval process over the last two years to get where it is today.

Community Outreach

The Farm in Poway was presented first to the community in 2018 to obtain input before being submitted to the City of Poway for review. The comments and suggestions that we’ve received over the course of the review process have helped us refine the project to reflect community priorities, including reoriented parking, expanded buffers, restrictions on second story balconies and more.

Photo of a backyard farm

City of Poway Review

The project and Specific Plan went through multiple rounds of review with City staff from all departments, including:

With each review, the project was modified to address concerns raised by City staff. We are proud to have resolved all issues raised by staff, which allowed us to gain their recommendation of support for the project.

Environmental Review

The Farm in Poway was also the subject of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that assessed the project for potentially significant impacts in the following areas:

The final EIR found that with the implementation of proposed mitigation there would be no significant environmental impacts that would result from the project.

Public Vote

All of these layers of public review have led us to the final step in the review process – a vote of Poway residents on November 3, 2020 for Measure P. If Measure P is approved, The Farm in Poway developers will complete their purchase of the property and begin construction in 2021.