Benefits & Amenities

The Farm in Poway will create a welcoming neighborhood that reflects Poway’s rural appeal, with amenities for all Poway residents to enjoy. The community will replace the former private golf course with more than 70 acres of publicly accessible recreational and agricultural open space and amenities.

Revitalization of Blighted Property

Since the closure of Stoneridge Country Club, the property has become overgrown with vegetation, creating a visual blight in the community. If Measure P is approved by voters in the fall, the ownership will be transferred to The Farm in Poway’s team. They have pledged that once the property transfers to them, their first priority will be to address this visual blight by clearing the overgrown vegetation. Once the property is developed, the dead and dying vegetation will be replaced with new agricultural uses, native landscaping and 3,000 new trees to restore the visual character of the neighborhood.

Photo of a backyard farm

Abundant Open Space

Conservation open space is a key feature in The Farm’s design, allowing residents to experience “life on the farm” surrounded by community and specialty gardens. The project includes more than 55 acres of conservation open space – the property as it exists today provides zero acres dedicated to conservation. The Farm in Poway’s conservation areas provide buffers between existing homes and new residences and beautiful view corridors to the community and surrounding mountains.

Community gardens and agricultural fields are an important part of the conservation open space areas. They will be professionally managed and maintained, providing Poway residents with the opportunity to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Specialty gardens, landscaped open space and environmental protection features will make up the balance of the conservation open space.

The Farm in Poway also includes more than 14 acres of recreation open space for all Poway residents to enjoy. The former Stoneridge Country Club was a private club that only provided access to members.

In addition, one of The Farm in Poway's partners, David Santistevan, donated 77 acres on Gate Drive in South Poway to the City of Poway to enhance the South Poway trail system.

Improved Fire Safety

The current condition of the property creates a persistent fire hazard. Clearing the vegetation will remove the immediate threat and the development of the community with irrigated and maintained landscaping, which will enhance fire safety further. The Farm in Poway has been designed to incorporate best practices in fire safety.  Active management of open space, increased setbacks and state-of-the-art fire safety features will ensure that The Farm in Poway is a fire safe community that will, in turn, enhance fire safety for neighboring residents.  That’s why the project is endorsed by the Poway Firefighters Association.

Recreational and Social Amenities for Poway Residents

Photo of a butterfly on a girl's face

The Butterfly Farm and Education Center will feature native butterflies and their habitat. Promoting conservation, awareness and ecologically sensitive lifestyles, the center will also offer tours, classes and a nursery for pollinators and native plants.

Photo of an exterior of a house

The Barn will provide a location for a farmer's market, community services and small community events

Photo of a beer garden

The Social’s beer garden and café will serve as a welcoming gathering place for friends and neighbors.

Photo of an outdoor amphitheater

The Meadow is a recreational and entertainment area that will include a small grass amphitheater, large open grassy areas, picnic pavilions and a separated off-leash dog park.

Photo of a couple playing pickle ball

The Club, located in the heart of the community, will provide six tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a swimming pool, fitness equipment and exercise classes for all Poway residents on a membership basis.

Photo of a woman jogging on trails

Public Trails will be incorporated into the community, providing more than 3.5 miles of connections throughout the community and linking with Espola Road to access regional trail systems.

Environmentally Sustainable Community

The Farm in Poway is designed with environmental sustainability as a top priority.

  • All buildings in the community will incorporate solar energy sources.
  • The Farm in Poway will implement best practices for stormwater management, significantly improving the quality of stormwater runoff from the property.
  • Project approvals will bind the project to an established number of daily auto trips, ensuring that traffic impacts will not negatively impact the surrounding community.