Specific Plan

The Farm in Poway Specific Plan provides protections for the community that ensures “what you see is what you get.” It provides a level of certainty about what a future development will be than simply rezoning the property for a particular use. Through the use of the Specific Plan, deed restrictions on Open Space and Residential land uses and HOA regulations, The Farm in Poway developers and the City of Poway have ensured that it cannot be changed or amended in the future without approval from the HOA, a vote of the City Council and voter approval.

The Specific Plan serves as the governing document for all development within The Farm in Poway’s Specific Plan area. It provides guidance for the following details:

  • Development type/intensity
  • Allowed land uses and activities permitted
  • Development standards
  • Design guidelines
  • Prevents future amendments that would increase intensity

In addition to the Specific Plan, The Farm in Poway developers will encumber all Open Space and Residential land uses with private deed restrictions that will prohibit future increases in residential density and ensure retention of the open space designation in perpetuity.

Photo of a backyard farm