About The Project

Incorporating the Best of Our Community

The Farm in Poway will be a new neighborhood that incorporates the best of our community – high-quality homes, abundant open space and a rural appeal that celebrates “The City in the Country.” This new community will replace the abandoned Stoneridge Country Club and golf course with a variety of homes to meet the needs of Poway families, publicly accessible open space, and amenities for all Poway residents to enjoy. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2022 and first homes available late 2022.

The Farm in Poway will include 160 homes on just more than 117 acres. It will offer a variety of housing options for Poway families, including large lot single-family homes, clustered single-family homes and twin homes.

The community is designed to promote a “farm-to-table” lifestyle, with community gardens, farmers markets, and agriculture. More than 60% of the property will be preserved and maintained as open space in perpetuity, ensuring that The Farm community will be centered around conservation, agriculture and recreation.

The Farm in Poway will be a vibrant community that provides amenities for use by all Poway residents, beautifies the area, improves fire safety, generates new revenues for the city, and helps reduce existing traffic problems on Espola Road,  all while creating a residential community that is compatible with and enhances Poway’s unique small-town character.

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