About The Project

Incorporating the Best of Our Community

The Farm in Poway is a proposed new neighborhood that incorporates the best of our community – high-quality homes, abundant open space, and a rural appeal that celebrates “The City in the Country.” This new community will provide 160 homes on just more than 117 acres, offering a variety of housing options for Poway families including large lot single family homes, clustered single-family homes, and twin homes.

The community is designed to promote a “farm-to-table” lifestyle, with community gardens, farmers markets, and small-scale artisan agriculture for local consumption. More than 60% of the property will be preserved and maintained as open space in perpetuity, ensuring that The Farm community will be centered around conservation, agriculture, and recreation.

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Meet the Developer

The Farm in Poway is proposed by longtime Poway resident, Kevin McNamara. He and his wife Debi have lived in Poway for more than 20 years and raised their family here. Their children are now grown and raising their families in Poway, and Debi owns and operates the Poway Countryside Barn with daughter Liz.

Kevin has more than 45 years of experience in real estate development. His experience includes the redevelopment of Old Poway and several commercial projects throughout the community. A longtime community volunteer, Kevin served on the Poway budget committee and the Poway Road Planning Committee.

Witnessing the deterioration of the former Stoneridge Country Club, Kevin recognized that the community had a problem that he could help solve. He decided to come out of retirement to propose this unique community that will help meet the housing needs of Poway families in a neighborhood that is designed around conservation, agriculture, and recreation.